Health in developing countries; accountability for health; equitable health systems; infectious diseases; maternal, newborn and child health

Stretching health diplomacy beyond 'Global' problem solving: Bringing the regional normative dimension in


The importance of the regional dimension of health diplomacy is only gaining slow and uneven recognition. This is in many ways surprising. As demonstrated in the work of Deacon on the ‘globalization of social policy’, global social policy has been animated and debated not only at the multilateral level but at the regional level as well. But at least in the diplomatic literature, the importance of this regional dynamic (with a focus on diverse sites and actors and the pursuit of democratic control) has been missed.

'Regionalism and Health Policy in South America: Tackling Germs, Brokering Norms and Contesting Power', in Andrea Hoffmann and Andrea Bianculli (eds) Regional Organizations and Social Policy in Europe and Latin America: A Space for Social Citizenship?



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