Training resources on policy engagement and communications

Photos: © The Impact Initiative/All rights reserved. Available from The Impact Initiative/Flickr.

Arising from the Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in November 2016, Health Systems Global (HSG) and The Impact Initiative developed a range of training resources for researchers on: presentations; engaging with the media; policy engagement; and using social media:L

Presentation Matters! 

A short video on how to make the most of presenting; and other useful tips on how to deliver an effective presentation.  

Presentation Matters!

A short video on how to make the most of presenting.

Communicating through the media 

Includes a guide for researchers on how to engage with the media and other helpful resources. 

Policy engagement

These resources include a policy engagement guide on understanding the tools, tactics and approaches to how you can successfully engage with policy audiences and achieve demonstrable research impact.

Why should researchers use social media? 


A video tutorial on using Twitter.

These resources will show how researchers can use social media to benefit their work, including a video tutorial on using Twitter, Instagram as a tool for research communications; and additional resources on how to get more out of social media.

Additional resources: