Impact story

Tackling Extreme Poverty Through Psychological Support in Bangladesh

Credit: © IFPRI/Farha Khan, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Photo: Measuring vegetables while selling in the market at Khagrachari, Bangladesh. 

An initiative in Bangladesh, led by the international non-governmental organisation BRAC, to provide material and psychological support to the poorest individuals and households has proved to be a sustainable and lasting way to prevent them from falling back into poverty.

Focus projects: 

A new set of initiatives, called graduation programmes, target poor households with asset transfers and income support for a fixed period. The objective is to graduate poor households out of poverty and support their resilience so they do not fall back into poverty.

Important development programmes such as microfinance often do not reach the very poorest households. A new set of initiatives, called Graduation programmes, have targeted these very poor households. Their objective is to graduate them out of poverty in a sustainable manner and make them resilient so they do not fall back into poverty.