Health, Illness and Medicine: Ethnographic Readings

2010, Mishra, Arima, .


Health, Illness and Medicine brings together a collection of writings in the sociology of medicine by eminent sociologists and anthropologists. It attempts to understand the existing and future potential of this sub-discipline in the Indian context and beyond. In doing so, the contributors engage with a range of debates on illness, health care and health policies. Commemorating Aneeta Minocha’s unparalleled contribution to medical sociology in India, this study revolves around two major concerns: the position of medical sociology in sociology, and the interface of sociology with medicine and public health. Reflecting on the current debates in the field of sociology of health and illness, this volume explores a wide range of issues—medical pluralism, public health discourses on risk and prevention, family planning practices, efforts at combating tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, organ transplantation, the relationship between illness and cultural practices, and illness narratives. The book is unique in that it brings together research studies that are theoretically informed and ethnographically grounded.

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