Photograph credits - Power of Partnership, December 2018

Captions/photo credits for the images featured in the carousel at the top of the event page are as follows:

  • India, Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra: Men transporting recycled cardboard. Dharavi has a waste recycling industry that is helping thousands of slum dwellers out of poverty. The recycling of the discarded waste of Mumbai's 19 million citizens is a thriving business propelled by thousands of micro entrepreneurs. Economists estimate that the output of the slum is over 1 billion USD a year. Photo credit: © Dieter Telemans/Panos.  

  • Northern Kenya. At a new well pad just north of Lokichar, a rig is positioned to begin drilling. Since the discovering of oil five years ago, explorations have spread to more than 30 drilling and testing sites. Photo credit: Sven Torfinn.

  • Cambodia: Atith stokes the fire of a kiln at night to minimise the extreme temperatures he faces. Workers experience severe dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even premature death. Photo credit: Thomas Cristofoletti / Ruom. © 2018 Royal Holloway, University of London.