Covid-19: Thinking Differently about Education Research Impact

The effects of Covid-19 have been far reaching. Beyond being a recognised global health emergency, it has wide-ranging effects on children’s schooling around the world. This paper draws on lessons from a webinar organised by the Impact Initiative that explored how researchers need to think differently about impact for education policy and practice in the context of Covid-19. It provides insights from education policy actors and researchers on how they are adapting their thinking on the types of impact that can be achieved in the context of Covid-19.
COVID-19 may be the ultimate test of science and policy partnerships
The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed debates about the politics of science into the mainstream. A new report suggests there are some key qualities that may go towards determining the success of research-policy partnerships and those seeking to influence them. The ability of diverse communities of researchers and policy actors to find common ground, sustain their interactivity and adapt to change, will have real consequences.
Chinese medicine, Edward N. Johnson, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
This multi-disciplinary project combines anthropological fieldwork with archival and interview-based research to investigate the conditions that make possible continuing inappropriate use of medicines in South Asia.

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