Goyain River at Jaflong, Bangladesh

This project aims to explore the impact of mining on rural livelihoods in Bangladesh, through two detailed case studies. The first of these involves the extraction of natural gas in Sylhet, an area where long standing transnational migration to the U.K means that social networks, and the social protection which they provide for the poor, take on an international dimension.

Discordant Development: Global Capitalism and the Struggle for Connection in Bangladesh


What happens when a vast multinational mining company operates a gas plant situated close to four densely populated villages in rural Bangladesh? How does its presence contribute to local processes of ‘development’? And what do corporate claims of ‘community engagement’ involve? Drawing from author Katy Gardner’s longstanding relationship with the area, Discordant Development reveals the complex and contradictory ways that local people attempt to connect to, and are disconnected by, foreign capital.

The international market in clothes has undergone radical transformations with the removal of trade barriers, a process that has had highly varied and unexpected consequences for workers' livelihoods. Poorer countries, such as India and China, are often seen to be benefiting from these labour-intensive export industries, but little is known about the changing livelihoods of those employed in booming export industries or about impacts on the surrounding rural populations.


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