This research will investigate impact of urban-rural return migration on rural economic development in China and how results are transferable to China's neighbouring country, Vietnam.

Principal Investigator: Hubert Schmitz. Lead Organisation: Institute of Developmet Studies

Co-investigators: Edmund James Malesky; Thang Nguyen; HANG PHAM; Neil McCulloch Tuan Dau Anh

This project examines a key assumption which underlies one of the main approaches to poverty reduction currently advocated and practised by many international development agencies.

Fish, Sri Lanka.
Aiming to provide a policy-relevant answer to the question: how can policy reforms aimed at reducing fishing efforts be implemented without causing millions of resource-poor people to fall deeper into deprivation and food insecurity?
CC via Flickr © ILO/Nguyen A.
People with disabilities (PWDs) represent a disproportionately high proportion of the world's poor. Recognising the reciprocal relationship between disability and poverty, leading to increased vulnerability and social exclusion, disability has been flagged as a key development issue in meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and in eradicating world poverty.
Ethnic minority people and mountain market
The project’s objectives, emerging findings and policy conclusions were discussed extensively in a series of meetings and informal seminars for key stakeholders from the Government, donors and NGOs in Vietnam. This user engagement strategy aimed to stimulate a dialogue to promote ethnic minority development.
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