Group of people in Peru

Principal Investigator: Anthony J Bebbington. Lead Organisation: University of Manchester

Co-investigator: Diana Clare Mitlin
A focus on health capability is a markedly new approach to address health in poor countries. This project examines the philosophy of social epidemiology, integrating social determinants research in various regions including South America.
Does the onset of care-dependence in an older household member leads to household impoverishment and vulnerability? This mixed methods project is nested within Dementia Research Group population-based studies in Mexico, Peru, China and Nigeria.
This project develops new methodologies related to multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis focusing on the following themes: weights, trade-offs, and policy incentives in multidimensional poverty measures; multidimensional poverty dynamics; multidimensional poverty and welfare economics.
We use a controlled randomized trail to estimate the causal effects of a low-cost housing intervention on multiple dimensions of welfare in Latin America countries El Salvador and Peru.
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