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Posted: 17th May
In this short film conference participants share their highlights, reflections and learnings from the three day Impact Initiative conference ‘Lessons from a Decade’s Research on Poverty: Innovations, Engagement and Impact’, held on 16 – 18 March 2016, in Pretoria, South Africa.
Posted: 4th May
What are the key ingredients involved in successfully influencing change through research? At the recent ESRC-DFID Impact Conference, Elaine Mercer asked researchers, practitioners, and funders to share their best piece of advice from their own experience. These ten interviews capture top tips for researchers on turning research into impact.
Posted: 4th May
James Georgalakis, Director of Communications and Impact at the Institute of Development Studies and Director of the Impact Initiative, discusses turning academic research into action and placing more importance on networking than prizes.
Posted: 28th April
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The ESRC and DFID are pleased to announce the third funding call under the Raising Learning Outcomes in Education Systems Research Programme. The deadline for proposals is: 16.00 UK time 26 July 2016.
Posted: 6th April
Professor Dr. Ulrike Andrea Zeshan from the University of Central Lancashire introduced discussions on ethics, collaboration and institutional culture in cross-sectoral projects to conference attendees in Pretoria through a game. More lessons from a decade’s research on poverty - innovation, engagement and impact.
Posted: 4th April
Lessons from a Decade's Research conference 2016
Morten Koch Anderson, a researcher at Dignity, the Danish Institute Against Torture, follows up his participation at the Impact Initiative Pretoria conference, writing about the capacity for change that may be achieved through research collaboration and exchange of knowledge and training, regardless of national boundaries and attachments.
Posted: 31st March
Dr Joanes Atela, Senior Research Fellow at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) and a researcher in the STEPS Centre Global Consortium, considers how ESRC-DFID research can be best refocused to achieve positive and sustainable impact.
Posted: 18th March
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Rutendo Change, an Associate Consultant at Adam Smith International, writes about fostering policy influence and reforms in Zimbabwe and the changing environment of engagement, as part of the Department for International Development funded three-year programme to improve the quality of public-private dialogue in Zimbabwe.
Posted: 18th March
Professor Wendy Olsen at the University of Manchester, and Professor Dr. Anup Kumar Mishra at DAV College BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India co-author this blog on their work through a multi-disciplinary team in Bangladesh and India.
Posted: 16th March
This blog from Professor Pat Pridmore at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at University College London, summarises key learnings from the study called NICK (Nutritional Improvement for children in urban Chile and Kenya) which focused on the issues of child obesity in Chile and child under nutrition in Kenya. She considers the challenges and opportunities of working in collaborative international teams.