Call for papers: When does evidence really matter?


Call for papers: When does evidence really matter? An Edited Collection from the Impact Initiative and the Institute of Development Studies.

In this limited call for papers, we invite papers from ESRC DFID Joint Poverty Alleviation Fund grantees. We will accept submissions from PIs, COIs or research partners. This Edited Collection, which is co-funded by the ESRC DFID Impact Initiative for International development Research and IDS, will present and explore the critical challenges faced by evidence-based development through a diverse set of case studies. The use of research in the sphere of public policy is an extraordinarily complex phenomenon and is only one part of a complicated process that also uses experience, political insight, pressure, social technologies, and judgment. In international development, as with other spheres of public policy, decisions are likely to be pragmatic and shaped by their political and institutional circumstances rather than rational and determined by research. While it has been easy to learn the lessons of significant successes, it has proved much harder to institutionalise them. Put simply, the development sector has continued to struggle to repeat the trick of turning research into action. If you are interested in contributing to this collection, please download the two pdf files below for full details of the call and how to submit your abstract.

Deadline for abstracts: 25th March

Publication: Autumn 2016