Twenty-five-year-old Thayaparan breaks into a smile as she talks about getting back home to her village, after being displaced by conflict for more than 2 years.
This project builds upon earlier research into the potential role of charity and philanthropy to support development, using Colombo as a case study.
Orphan Solidarity Days in Sri Lanka. 5-12 April 2013
Investigating charity and charitable organisations in Sri Lanka, where long-standing ideologies of giving interact and coexist with global ideas about the nature of charity and the relationship between charity and development.
Fish, Sri Lanka.
Aiming to provide a policy-relevant answer to the question: how can policy reforms aimed at reducing fishing efforts be implemented without causing millions of resource-poor people to fall deeper into deprivation and food insecurity?
An exploratory qualitative study of three South Asian countries to illuminate how social forms and organisations in health are created, managed and sustained, including key roles in the development of medicine and health services knowledge.
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