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Posted: 19-09-2017
DFID-ESRC Raising Learning Outcomes grant holders Nic Spaull and Nompumelelo Mohohlwane give their tips on how to successfully engage the media and provide some reflections on the Impact Initiative led media workshop at the UKFIET 2017 conference.
Posted: 11-08-2017
Reflections from two development professionals, on what good and credible evidence is and what its value is in international development.
Posted: 04-08-2017
Education in Kenya
How can we understand the social – as well as technical – processes involved in translating research into action? Reflections on 'engaging the middle' and the challenges of building trust for research impact.
Posted: 02-08-2017

A recent Health and Accountability workshop attracted between 80-90 participants from donors, multilateral agencies, national and global civil society, and research institutions over three days.

Posted: 27-07-2017
Women workers making garments in Vietnam
Will women benefit from the rapid automation and digitisation that is set to change the world of work as we know it? This briefing explores the impact of automation on women and work in developing countries.
Posted: 25-07-2017
Super Synthesis
David Coleman, Senior Education Advisor at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, discusses 'Super Synthesis' - a new user-friendly tool which aims to enable decision makers – national governments, development partners and involved stakeholders – to easily assess possible interventions by the level of impact on participation and student learning outcomes, and the likely associated costs.
Posted: 24-07-2017
Dr Elena Schmidt, Director of Strategic Programme Innovations and Developments, Evidence and Research at international development organisation Sightsavers, discusses the benefits of collaborations in developing and implementing effective and high-quality education programmes.
Posted: 18-07-2017
health workers administering microfilaria tests in a bar

In his blog Has politics shaped the terms 'accountability' and 'participation'? Luiz Eduardo Fonseca explores how politics has shaped the meaning of the terms 'accountability'

Posted: 17-07-2017
The Sustainable Development Goals set out an ambitious agenda to achieve universal health coverage for all but how will this goal be reached when we have seen already the ease with which reformed health services and refreshed health resources still fail to reach the people who need them most? An international workshop discusses "Unpicking Power and Politics for Transformative Change: Towards Accountability for Health Equity" at IDS from 19 to 21 July.
Posted: 11-07-2017
Research Symposium, March 2017
Four development professionals were interviewed to discuss their experiences of using evidence to influence development policy and/or practice in their work.