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Posted: 07-06-2017
Community health workers in Senegal looking at information on a mobile phone screen

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are going to have a major impact on health and health systems in the near future.

Posted: 25-05-2017
A scientist works in a laboratory, Kenya.
James Georgalakis asks whether it is time to replace the narrative of 'academics in ivory towers' with one that reflects the challenges, and realities, facing modern scholars.
Posted: 03-05-2017
Building Evidence in Education - BE2 - Working Group Meeting, UNICEF Innocenti, 5-7 April 2017, Florence, Italy.
The BE2 donor working group met in Florence 5-7 April to discuss the use of evidence in education policy and programming.
Posted: 27-04-2017
Student Yosef Yebas writes on the blackboard at Hidassie School. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Researchers involved in the Transforming the pedagogy of STEM subjects report a number of positive developments with the project.
Posted: 26-04-2017
Middle School class, China.
Additional funding from ESRC’s Impact Acceleration Accounts (IIA) is enhancing the research impact of two projects: 'Improving Teacher Development and Educational Quality' (ITDEQC) and 'Improving Educational Evaluation and Quality In China' (IEEQC) projects.
Posted: 24-04-2017
Paul Lynch explores how young children with disabilities are supported and prepared for primary education in rural Malawi.
Posted: 10-04-2017
Photograph of women and children in Bangladesh
In February 2017, the Impact Initiative brought development leaders together with researchers focused on the country, to explore the role research has played in the success of Bangladesh's development.
Posted: 03-04-2017
Two electronics factory workers in Indonesia
Following on from the inaugural Digital Development Summit which took place last month, IDS's Becky Faith explains why the future of work needs a thorough exploration in an international development context.
Posted: 22-03-2017
Photograph of a woman doing computer work

The Digital Development Summit 2017 took place on 13th March 2017. In this, blog Anna Bykhovskaya shares key learnings from the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD. 

Posted: 22-03-2017
Photograph of a domestic worker in South Africa

The inaugural Digital Development Summit 2017 took place earlier this month, and following the recent blog on